Happiness Is a Choice

So many times in life we make our own happiness conditional. Something has to happen first, or we have to obtain some material thing we’ve been wanting before we give ourselves permission to be happy.

“If I could just get a boyfriend/girlfriend, THEN I’d be happy.”

“Once I get a promotion, then I can buy that new car and I’ll finally be happy.”


Happiness from Material Things Is Fleeting

While these things may be a source of happiness in the short term, the feeling will eventually fade. Then you will once again be searching for the next thing to make you happy. If you tie your happiness to your possessions, what happens if you lose those possessions? You’ll lose your happiness as well.


Depending on Other People for Your Happiness Is a Recipe for Disaster

You can’t depend on other people to make you happy. If you put the responsibility of your happiness in the hands of others, then you will inevitably be disappointed when they do something that makes you unhappy. Ironically, if you are able to become a happy person when you are single, then it becomes much easier to attract that special someone.


You Can Choose to Be Happy

The good news is that you have all the power you need within you to make yourself happy. If you choose to be dependent on material things or other people to make you happy, then you give that power away.

It is a conscious choice to be happy, and you can do it right now. Look in the mirror and give yourself a big smile, because you no longer have to wait for the happiness you have been seeking for so long. Simply give yourself permission to be happy, without any conditions or prerequisites. Do this every single day for as long as it takes, and you will become the happy person that you want to be.

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