Learning to Change: Why You Must Never Stop Learning

We spend most of our early lives learning, about ourselves and the world around us. We then move onto schooling, and job training after that. A large percentage of what we learn is front-loaded in the first twenty to twenty-five years of our lives, and then many people think that they have no need to learn anymore, because they are now adults.

The reason you must never stop learning is because life lessons will continue to be taught to you until the day you die. Until you learn what you are doing wrong and how to change your behavior(s), the same scenarios will keep playing out over and over again all throughout your life. An unlearned lesson might be taught to you again the very next day, or it might take over a year or longer. No matter how long it takes, you will experience the same bad situations if you do not change.

People resist changing themselves for many reasons, with one of the biggest reasons being because of their ego. It’s easier to blame the world and other people for what is wrong instead of taking a long, hard look at yourself. Whenever something bad happens to you, when things don’t go your way, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this? What could I have done differently to have a different outcome, or not even find myself in this situation in the first place?”

To live a life of excellence, aiming to always learn and improve is paramount. Changing your habits so that you will always try to learn from mistakes and situations you face in life will help you to avoid a whole lot of unnecessary pain and suffering, and will cause you to be happier and more successful overall.

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