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Making the Right Choices Can Make All the Difference When it Comes to Being Happy

In one of my first posts on this blog, I went over the concept of happiness being a choice. It can be difficult to accept and apply this concept at first, because it runs counter to what most of the world believes. We are taught that we have to do all sorts of different things, and live our lives a certain way if… Continue reading


Your Actions Are What Define You

This article is a wake up call for every person that lies to themselves, and to others, about who and what they really are. You can talk yourself up all you want, you can say how you’re a good person, you can say that you are this or that. The truth is that your actions are what ultimately define who and what you are, not your words.

A Stripper…That… Continue reading

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Should You “Burn The Ships”?

An often quoted story in motivational literature involves a Spanish explorer by the name of Cortes that conquered the Aztecs. As the story goes, once all of his men and supplies were on land he set fire to the ships they had arrived on. This effectively cut off any escape and forced his men to fight with no option to retreat. This strategy proved to be successful as his army… Continue reading | 3 Comments

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