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Find What Works For You, Forget The Rest

As human beings we are alike in many ways. Yet for all of our similarities, no two people are exactly the same. Even identical twins end up with different life experiences, either by twists of fate or because of their own choices. It is because of these differences that a “one size fits all” solution will rarely be the most optimal answer to our problems.

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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

The new year has arrived, a time when many people make New Year’s resolutions to improve their lives. Unfortunately, while many people start out with lots of motivation for keeping their resolution, a large percentage of them end up failing. Two common causes for failing is not making an action plan, and focusing on the wrong things… Continue reading


What You Can Add To Your Goals Right Now To Be More Successful In Life

When setting goals, most people only focus on the end result they want. This works for some people, but others may find that they consistently fail to accomplish their goals. If you find yourself falling into the latter group instead of the former, try changing how you set your goals to see if it helps you to be more successful.

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The Simple Choice Is Usually the Best One: Part Two

In the first part of this life lesson, I wrote about intimate relationships and how the simple solution to a problem is usually the best decision to make. In part two I will look at another area of life where simplicity is often passed over in favor of needless complexity: the desire to change your body through diet… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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