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You Can Not Help Someone That Does Not Want To Be Helped

When I was younger I loved to read comic books, play video games, and watch movies. A common theme that ran through many of the stories was that of a heroic figure who saved the day. I really liked the idea of being a hero, and as I got older I looked for situations where I could be a hero to people.

A Rude Awakening

I started out… Continue┬áreading

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Why Life Lessons Are Important

The importance of learning life lessons can not be understated. If you do not learn from the lessons that life is trying to teach you, then they will be taught to you again and again until you do. Much of the suffering and unhappiness in people’s lives is caused by an unwillingness to learn from mistakes. History is full of examples of people that kept making the same mistakes because… Continue┬áreading | 1 Comment

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