30 Day Challenge Update And News

I am still making good progress on my 30 Day Challenge. The number of completely finished articles is still low for two big (but good) reasons. The first reason is because I hold myself to a high standard of excellence when it comes to my writing. Sometimes I spend more time editing the articles for grammar and clarity than I do writing them.

The second reason is because I keep getting new ideas for articles as I write, so I make sure to stop and get the ideas written down before I forget them. The habit of writing down all of your ideas and goals is something I would recommend to everyone. Before I cultivated this habit, I lost countless ideas because I didn’t write them down and then forgot them.

You can now sign up for my free monthly newsletter in the menu to the right. I have a lot of great things planned for the newsletter, including exclusive articles, contests, reader submissions and much more.

I also setup my own YouTube channel, as I plan to do some videos in conjunction with this blog in the future. Below is the quick little promo video I threw together with Windows Movie Maker.


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