Can You Be Friends with Everyone?

Something I’ve heard from several people in my life is that they want to be friends with everyone. In my experience, it is possible in small groups of people. However, as you add more people to a group, it becomes more and more likely that personalities will clash and enemies will be created.


You Can Be Friendly to Everyone

At one of my past jobs there was a friendly, easygoing woman that was welcoming to every new person that started working there. She could be seen talking and laughing with many different people throughout the day. Trying to find a person that had anything bad to say about her would be very difficult.


Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head

There was one girl that definitely did not like her, though. This girl was the type of person that thrived on any kind of attention she could get, it didn’t matter if it was positive or negative. In her mind, since the friendly woman was liked by pretty much everyone else, she was her enemy. They clashed repeatedly, and at one point it almost came to blows. Ultimately the girl ended up quitting and moving out of state.


You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone

Some people will dislike you no matter what you do, no matter how well you treat them. As you read in the story above, there are even some people that will hate you merely for the fact that so many other people like you.


What You Can Do

It is possible to be friendly acquaintances with most people, but it is fruitless to try to have everyone like you. The best course of action is to give everyone a chance. If someone doesn’t like you, so be it. Minimize your contact with them as much as possible, and be polite when you do have to deal with them.

Happiness Is a Choice

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