Complacency is Death

What is complacency? It’s when you decide that you have done “enough”, and you can now just sit back and relax. Complacency most commonly sets in after you have achieved an important goal, or when you have acquired something that you value very highly. It’s perfectly fine to revel in your greatest accomplishments for a time, but once you feel that you no longer have to make an effort, then you are setting yourself up for a downfall in the future.

Over the past couple of years I found out firsthand how bad it can be to become complacent. I had worked on improving myself mentally and physically for a few years, and finally found myself in a great romantic relationship. She was very accommodating, and treated me so well that I began to relax. As I gradually relaxed more and more, I fell back into some bad habits because of my contentment. I no longer made my health and appearance a priority, which caused me to gain fifty pounds. I had become very complacent, and stopped doing the things that had caused me to be successful.

After the relationship ended, I took some time to reflect on the choices I had made. I made my health a priority again, by making changes to my diet and starting to exercise regularly. I’ve lost sixty pounds to date, and feel better than I have in a long time. I also decided to once again make this blog a priority, because I had strayed from my mission of helping people to improve their lives.

It’s been said by many wise people over the years that the only constant in life is change. Once you stop striving, once you stop learning, once you stop moving forward, is when you begin to die. Until you are ready to die, do not become complacent.



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