Your Actions Are What Define You

This article is a wake up call for every person that lies to themselves, and to others, about who and what they really are. You can talk yourself up all you want, you can say how you’re a good person, you can say that you are this or that. The truth is that your actions are what ultimately define who and what you are, not your words.

A Stripper…That Doesn’t Strip

In case you aren’t familiar with Sin City, it is a series of comics that was created by Frank Miller back in the nineties. In 2005 the movie adaptation came out, with the character of Nancy Callahan being played by Jessica Alba. What made that decision puzzling was that in the comics Nancy Callahan is a stripper, yet Jessica Alba has a strict no nudity clause in all of her movie contracts. So while the role was originally written to mirror the comics, in the end it was changed, and she ended up playing a stripper that didn’t strip.

A Writer That Doesn’t Write?

The reason I brought this somewhat absurd situation up, is that I realized I was doing the same thing, in a sense. I call myself a writer, yet I don’t write on any kind of regular basis. My reasoning of being distracted by other things, and having serious writer’s block, can only go so far. I’m sure other writers face the same kinds of obstacles (and worse), but they overcome them. It is time for me to align my actions with my words.

Haters Gonna Hate

Actions you repeatedly take can end up changing you into a different person, often without you even realizing it. You may not think of yourself as a negative person, yet if you often find yourself complaining, criticizing other people, and generally focusing on what is wrong with your life, then you are a negative person. It’s all too easy to fall into detrimental behavior patterns, which is why you must stay ever vigilant about the actions you take on a regular basis.

Choose Your Path Wisely

Once you choose a path, the longer you stay on it, the harder it is to change. This goes for positive and negative paths both, so it is a good idea to take a brutally honest self-assessment at regular intervals to make sure you are on the right track. Making sure that your actions match your words is one of the best ways to start this self-assessment.

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