A New Year, and New Life For This Blog

***Updated 8/28/2017***

Hello Life Lessons Blog visitors, old and new!

I have finally returned to work on this website after 4+ years. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in that time, and I have learned many more life lessons along the way.

I have grown as a person, and as a writer, since the last time I posted on this website. So in addition to writing new posts, I’m also going back through all of my old posts to update and improve them when needed.

I’m pinning this post at the top of the homepage until I have completed all of the updates, and will put a link to each updated post below as I finish it. Thanks for visiting, and check back often!

Updated Posts (Newest at Bottom):

Can You Be Friends with Everyone?
Happiness Is a Choice
The Importance of Persistence
Why You Must Set Personal Boundaries
The Simple Choice Is Usually The Best One: Part One
The Simple Choice Is Usually The Best One: Part Two
Why Life Lessons Are Important
How To Set Goals More Effectively
Find The Courage To Chase Your Dreams
The Greatest Gift
5 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions
Ideas Mean Nothing Without Action
Should You “Burn the Ships”?
How to Find Your Burning Desire to Succeed
Something More Important Than Courage


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