Progress Usually Comes In Bunches

In my post on How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions, I briefly touched on how progress will rarely be linear when you are trying to reach your goals. This goes for just about anything that you are trying to accomplish, whether it’s building a business, learning a new skill, or trying to make a positive change to your body through diet and exercise.

Often, little or no progress will be made when you are first starting a new endeavor. This is because it can take time to figure out the most efficient way to accomplish your goal. While it’s great to have a solid plan before you begin, you have to remember to stay flexible and be willing to adapt your approach to handle the inevitable setbacks and problems that you encounter along the way. This is why being patient and persistent is so crucial, because it can be a long and hard road until you start seeing real progress.

Cultivating these virtues of adaptability, patience, and persistence can be difficult, but are essential for you to reach the needed breakthroughs during your journey. You can be struggling along without any perceivable improvement, and then one little change or event can make a huge difference in your results. Each one of these breakthroughs will validate all of your hard work and re-energize you to keep striving toward your goal.

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