The Simple Choice Is Usually the Best One: Part One

In life when you are faced with a decision, the most simple choice is usually the best one to make. Unfortunately, the simplest solution to a problem is often hard or uncomfortable, so it is not chosen.


The Choice May Be Simple, but Not Easy

There are all kinds of reasons and rationalizations people give for why a different choice is made. What it mostly boils down to, though, is that the simple choice is not always easy. This is commonly seen in two areas of many people’s lives: their intimate relationships, and their efforts to reach a desirable body weight.


Set Your Boundaries and Keep Them

In my post on setting personal boundaries, I wrote about the necessity of knowing what behaviors you won’t accept from other people when they are a part of your life. Even more important is the ability to successfully communicate your personal boundaries at the appropriate time. It is the failure to know and communicate your personal boundaries that makes your decision to end a relationship so difficult when deal breaker events occur.


Know When to Walk Away

A perfect example of this is when the person you have an intimate relationship with physically assaults you. The simple choice is to end the relationship and walk away. Of course, this is not the easiest choice to make in many situations. It could be because of your children, financial reasons, or how much you are in love with them.

The simple fact is that no one should ever accept or live with physical abuse. This goes for both men and women, by the way. Anyone that would insult a man for leaving a woman that physically assaulted him is a fool. People that stay with their abusers have a distinct lack of love and respect for themselves. You must love and respect yourself before you enter into any serious relationship if you want it to be healthy and successful.

In part two of this life lesson I look at why people fail to choose the simple route when trying to change their bodies, whether they are looking to lose fat or gain muscle.

Why You Must Set Personal Boundaries
The Simple Choice Is Usually the Best One: Part Two

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