Why Life Lessons Are Important

The importance of learning life lessons can not be understated. If you do not learn from the lessons that life is trying to teach you, then they will be taught to you again and again until you do. Much of the suffering and unhappiness in people’s lives is caused by an unwillingness to learn from mistakes. History is full of examples of people that kept making the same mistakes because they failed to learn from the lessons that life was teaching them. There are two main reasons for why this happens over and over again, ego and fear.


Control Your Ego or It Will Control You

Excessive pride and arrogance caused by an out of control ego has been the downfall of many great people. The strong sense of self-confidence and tenacious determination gained from a big ego can help you achieve great things. The downside is that the negatives from not controlling your ego will inevitably cause self-destruction.

Once your ego grows too large you lose perspective. It will become difficult, if not impossible, to see all the different sides of an argument. You will think that you can do no wrong and always have to be right. You’ll go to almost any length to prove that you are right and ignore any facts to the contrary. You will develop a superiority complex and treat others badly. It is at this point that you will drive others away and begin to lose everything you worked so hard to accomplish.

You must always keep an open mind so that you can see all sides of an issue. There will be times when you are thoroughly convinced about something, but then you’ll see it in a different light and change your mind.


Fear Is a Powerful Master

Perhaps the most common reason that people do not learn from life lessons is fear. This is because applying what you learn from life lessons is really about change, and change scares the hell out of most people. The thought of leaving their familiar comfort zones is terrifying. When a new opportunity presents itself they will often let it pass by, no matter how much it might improve their life.

It is possible to become so wrapped up in your personality and who you think you are, that the thought of change is impossible. “That’s just who I am,” is what you will tell yourself and others. This is said out of fear, because you don’t want things to change. You want everything to stay the same because it is comfortable and known. The truth is that change is the only constant in life. That’s why being flexible and having the ability to roll with the punches is so important. The ability to quickly adapt to change is vital to success in any venture.


The Foolish, the Smart, and the Wise

The foolish never learn from their mistakes. Unless they begin to accept personal responsibility for their actions, you should avoid them.

Smart people learn from their own mistakes. Not always the first time, but sooner or later they see the error of their ways.

Wise people learn not only from their own mistakes, but also from the mistakes of others. Experience is the best teacher, but learning from other people’s mistakes too can save you a lot of time, pain, disappointment, and money.

The more life lessons you learn, the more traps and pitfalls you can avoid as you live your life. With wisdom comes better life choices, and by making better life choices you will have more positive outcomes in your life.

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